Pflueger Reels About Us

Fishing is more accessible with the help of your adviser.

In a pro shop, you often see everyone looking at gear as if it’s something they’ve been doing all their lives.

A recommendation or piece of advice can be hard to ask for. In order to help people get into the sport, we want to remove this fear and intimidation.

Why trust us?

Pflueger reels recommend products we personally use when fishing, so if you see us recommending something, it’s something we would too.

Our recommendation won’t be given unless we believe the product will make your fishing experience more successful.

Fishing is a real passion for us, just like everyone else! Our articles are concise and informative at the same time.

As we accumulate fishing knowledge over the years, every article draws upon it. We  try to transmit that knowledge as efficiently and accurately as possible to you.

Affiliate links are sometimes included on our site. In case you click one of these links and make a purchase, you won’t pay more, but you are still going to get a bit of percent back.

In other words, it doesn’t affect you in any way, but we will be able to keep the lights on if you chose to do so. Spend that saved money on that new St. Croix rod we’ve been eyeing.

How we work!

Every recommendation we make is based on an unbiased opinion. Our reviews are free of charge, and we don’t do sponsored content. Researching the options is instead what we do.

Get to know what others have to say. Based on our years of fishing experience, we make our purchasing decision.

Our next step is to share it with you, if it meets our expectations.

Editorial Guidelines

The way we speak is plain and simple.

Especially for beginners, we understand how difficult it can be to understand all the different rods, reels, lures, etc in today’s fishing world.

It’s easy for our readers to understand jargon or complex terminology if it’s broken down for them.

Genuineness is what we stand for.

This is an angler-built website. We’re your family and friends. It’s not like we’re a huge website that anyone can access.

Our mission is to share our passion and humbleness with others through anglers. Despite years of experience on the water, we acknowledge that we are not the best and we welcome any feedback.

Translation is what we do.

In today’s fishing world, there is a lot of jargon and lingo, so it is up to us to demystify that and help people find the best method for them.

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