How Much Line Does a Pflueger President Take?

Planning a fishing trip with your Pflueger President reel? To make sure it’s ready for action, you need to know how much fishing line it can handle.

The Pflueger President series is known for being reliable, and understanding the right amount of line is crucial. In this guide, we’ll tackle a common question: “How much line does a Pflueger President take?

Whether you’re gearing up for a new fishing adventure or adjusting your current setup, knowing the right line capacity ensures you’re set for success. Let’s dive into the details to make sure your Pflueger President reel is perfectly prepared for your next fishing outing.

How Much Line Does a Pflueger President Take?

The Pflueger President spinning reel boasts a generous line capacity, making it well-suited for various fishing needs. With the ability to accommodate multiple lines on its spool, it stands out as an excellent choice for anglers.

The Pflueger President has the capability to handle the following line lengths:

For Braid

The Braid Pflueger President can accommodate the following line lengths:

  • 20 lb: 180 yards of 4 lb, 125 yards of 6 lb, 100 yards of 8 lb.
  • 25 lb: 200 yards of 4 lb, 140 yards of 6 lb, 110 yards of 8 lb.
  • 30 lb: 275 yards of 6 lb, 190 yards of 8 lb, 160 yards of 10 lb, 250 yards of 8 lb.
  • 35 lb: 220 yards of 10 lb, 160 yards of 14 lb.
  • 40 lb: 320 yards of 10 lb, 280 yards of 14 lb, 200 yards of 20 lb.

For Mono

The Mono Pflueger President can handle the following line lengths:

  • 20 lb: 200 yards of 2 lb, 100 yards of 4 lb, 80 yards of 6 lb.
  • 25 lb: 220 yards of 2 lb, 110 yards of 4 lb, 90 yards of 6 lb.
  • 30 lb: 255 yards of 4 lb, 145 yards of 6 lb, 130 yards of 8 lb.
  • 35 lb: 230 yards of 6 lb, 185 yards of 8 lb, 155 yards of 10 lb.
  • 40 lb: 285 yards of 8 lb, 230 yards of 10 lb, 195 yards of 12 lb.

How Do You Put Fluorocarbon On a Spinning Reel?

To put a spinning reel, begin by threading the line through the first eyelet (or guide) on the fishing rod.

Make sure the round wire thing on your fishing reel is down (that’s the bail). Pull the fishing line under the little roller. Tie two simple knots around the round part of the reel, and make them tight.

How Much Line Does a Fishing Reel Hold?

Reel SizeMono Line StrengthBraid Line Strength
2000 (or 20)4-6lb (2-3kg)4-8lb
2500 (or 25)5-8lb (2.5kg-4kg)5-12lb
3000 (or 30)6-10lb (3kg-5kg)6-14lb
3500 (or 35)6-10lb (3kg-5kg)6-14lb

Is Pflueger Trion Braid Ready?

The Pflueger Trion doesn’t have the ability to handle braided line, but it’s not a big deal because that feature is more of a gimmick than anything else.

Several techniques allow you to directly attach braid to a standard arbor, and if you prefer not to use mono backing, you can easily tie the braid directly to a standard arbor.

The Pflueger President has a decent braid-ready system compared to some others, but it’s worth noting that over time, its inserts may degrade.

Can The Pflueger President Be Switched To a Right-Hand Crank?

You can easily switch all Pflueger spinning reels to either side based on your preference. Just remove the nut from the opposite side and flip it over. It’s a straightforward process.

Pflueger President Be Switched To a Right-Hand Crank

Is Pflueger Reels Are Good Reel For Large And Smallmouth Bass? I Need a Reel For a Medium Action 7′ ft Rod And Want To Use 15 to 20lb Line.

It’s a fantastic reel, perfect for catching freshwater fish. Generally, I find that a 40-pound line is more than necessary for my usual fishing activities. Among freshwater reels, I consider the 30 series to be one of the most versatile, suitable for various situations and compatible with heavier lines if needed.

In the places where I fish, the monofilament lines usually don’t go beyond 8 pounds, and my heaviest braid is 15 pounds, so it suits my needs. In terms of reliability, cleaning, and maintenance, I believe this reel offers good value for the money.


In summary, the Pflueger President spinning reel proves to be a reliable companion for fishing enthusiasts. Its ability to handle diverse line lengths, whether in braid or mono, adds to its versatility.

The ease of spooling and the option to switch crank sides enhance user convenience. For various freshwater scenarios, from bass fishing to general use, the reel’s performance remains commendable.

With a balance of line capacity and user-friendly features, the Pflueger President stands as a trustworthy choice, offering value for your fishing ventures.

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