How To Take Apart a Pflueger Baitcast Reel?

Taking apart a Pflueger baitcast reel might sound a bit challenging, but fear not – it’s a handy skill that can make a big difference in how well your fishing gear performs.

This guide breaks down the process into simple steps, making it accessible even for those new to maintaining their equipment. Whether you’re aiming to clean, grease, or troubleshoot your reel, understanding its inner workings can lead to a smoother fishing experience.

In just a few steps, we’ll walk you through the process, empowering you to confidently disassemble and care for your Pflueger baitcast reel.

So, if you’re ready to enhance your fishing gear maintenance skills and ensure your reel stays in top condition, follow along with this step-by-step guide.

With a touch of patience and the right tools, you’ll be taking apart and customizing your Pflueger baitcast reel like a pro in no time, making your time on the water even more enjoyable.

How To Take Apart a Pflueger Baitcast Reel

If you follow step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to disassemble this reel.

1) I’d be happy to help, but before I start, I have to take off this cap.

2) We’re going to take off the housing from the other side, so I’ll move over there. Usually, I would unscrew that Phillips head screw to reach the gears, but this time, I’ll just remove this one. Taking off the cap should be straightforward, although sometimes it might be a bit sticky.

remove the cap

3) I get that it hasn’t been taken care of in a while, but it should come off easily. The 10-millimeter nut is under there, and we’ll take it off soon. When I do this kind of job, I always put the parts in a tray so I don’t lose anything.

nut can be found underneath

4) I put on protective gloves when I’m putting things back together. Now that I’ve taken off the handle nut, the handle, and the tension washer, I’m going to remove the star adjuster.

removed the handle nut

5) Next, we’ll turn the cap upside down and let the washers come off. While doing this, you’ll notice there are six ball bearings. This one has instant anti-reverse, so make sure to keep that order in the cap as I set them aside.

6) To take off this case, you need to unscrew two screws here and one cap underneath. There are a couple more screws under the case, but you only need to remove those two initial screws.

remove two screws

7) When you take off the spool, you need to move to this side because there’s usually a screw hiding behind it. Some reels even have “unlocked” and “locked” markings, which can be faintly seen here.

remove the spool

8) Once you press the button, the piece will turn, and then you can pull it out quite easily.

9) We only need to oil the bearings at the back end while it’s off. This thing mentions having six ball bearings, but I’m not entirely sure how they work.

oil the bearings

10) It’ll take me a moment to count them all, but first, let’s oil the ball bearings. After that, turn it off, and then you can push the spool in.

oil the ball bearing

11) As we keep going, let’s also oil the second bearing. Let’s get started.

12) I want to make sure you’re aware of a screw hidden under here. Once this is removed, we can go ahead and take care of that.

screw that's hidden

13) When we take off this case, we’ll find this inside. There are two screws here. On the side plate case, there should only be an internal screw. The other things holding it down have been removed.

Remember, these two screws are different from the one that came out of the back of it. Keep them in order—I usually keep them in a little corner of my pocket for safekeeping.

14) I’ve got my parts tray right here, and once those are off, we’ll be able to take off the case. Everything seems to be running fine, except it hasn’t been serviced lately.

As you can see, this is a good example of how the reel comes apart. I hope you can easily do this without any issues.


In summary, this guide helps you easily take apart your Pflueger baitcast reel. It’s great for both beginners and experienced folks, giving clear steps to keep your fishing gear in top shape.

It talks about being patient, using the right tools, and staying organized with a parts tray. Simple tips like wearing gloves and watching out for hidden screws make it user-friendly. With pictures to guide you, this resource is handy for anyone wanting to maintain their reel and enjoy better fishing trips.

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