Is Pflueger Still In Business?

Let’s talk about Pflueger, a big name in fishing gear. People have trusted them for ages because they make good-quality reels and rods. But here’s the big question: Is Pflueger Still In Business?

In this post, we’re going to figure out if Pflueger is still in business. We’ll look at its history, how it has helped fishermen, and see if the brand is still making waves in the fishing world.

Come along as we dive into Pflueger’s story and find out if they’re still rocking the fishing scene today.

Is Pflueger still in business?

Pflueger has been in the fishing business since 1881, founded by Ernest F. Pflueger who started with making fish hooks. Later, Ernest A. Pflueger continued the family business, making good fishing gear. In 1916, they made their first baitcast reel in Ohio, a big deal in the fishing world.

They also introduced the Pflueger spinning reel in 1954. Although they were known for fly fishing gear, they took a break from making spinning and baitcasting rods and reels.

But things changed in the 2000s. Pflueger is back, making spinning and baitcasting fishing gear again. They promise the same quality you expect from the Pflueger name. These new rods and reels mix old-fashioned care in making things with new technology, so you get dependable and innovative fishing gear.

Pflueger welcomes you to rediscover their commitment to making things well, taking pride in their work, and bringing together tradition with modern advancements. It’s a comeback to great fishing with Pflueger.

Where Are Pflueger Fishing Reels manufactured?

No doubt, Pflueger is a top-quality fishing reel brand in North America. People all around the world love using these reels, whether they’re fishing in open water or facing the challenges of hard water. Anglers, no matter their experience level, trust Pflueger for its reliability and performance in all kinds of fishing situations.

Even though Pflueger reels were originally founded in the USA, is the company still producing them there? Interestingly, all Pflueger reel models are now manufactured in China, despite the brand’s American beginnings. This shift in manufacturing location highlights a change in the company’s production strategy over time.

Can You Use The Pflueger President Spinning Reel In Saltwater?

Aluminum is a metal that remains corrosion-free in saltwater conditions. With highly durable stainless steel bearings, this reel is resistant to saltwater, ensuring it won’t get damaged by the ocean. This makes the reel suitable for use in any location.

Does Pflueger Make a Saltwater Spinning Reel?

Certainly, the Pflueger Salt 50 Fishing Reel is undeniably the ideal option when seeking a highly effective reel for saltwater fishing or heavy-duty angling. Its combination of durability and efficiency makes it a top choice for various fishing needs.


In conclusion, Pflueger has a long history in making fishing gear, and after a break, they’ve made a strong comeback with new and reliable spinning and baitcasting gear. Despite moving their production to China, they are still known for making high-quality fishing reels.

The Pflueger Salt 50 Fishing Reel, designed for tough saltwater conditions, is a great example of their commitment to making durable and effective gear. Pflueger remains a trusted brand, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to provide anglers with dependable and cool fishing equipment.

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