Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel


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Brand: Pflueger
Bearing Material: Aluminum
Material:Aluminum, Graphite, Carbon
Item Weight:0.88 Pounds
Fishing Technique:Spinning
Handle Material:Aluminum
  • Body made of aluminum with a graphite coating that is lightweight and mechanical
  • Seven ball bearings made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Designed to withstand water penetration with carbon drag system
  • There is less twist in the line due to the larger diameter of the spool
  • Spools ready to be braided
  • Bail out with sure click
  • The finish is unsatisfactory
  • Sometimes, the screw inside can come loose

Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel

The Arbor Spinning Reel is also featured among Pflueger’s top spinning reels. Beyond its lightweight design, it is crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, making it suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Smooth Drag

While it’s true that high-end reels with snob appeal can cost ten times as much as the Arbor, personally, I’d lean towards having ten Pflueger Arbors instead of one significantly pricier star reel. The 7430 model of the Arbor offers a line capacity of 140 yards of 10 lb.

The Arbor excels with effortless long-cast capability and a smooth drag release, making it ideal for freshwater multi-species fishing. While the 4.3-to-1 retrieval might feel a bit slow when buzzing top waters, it’s just perfect for slow jigging.

Braid Ready

While Arbor spools are crafted for casting braid, employing a tight spool retrieval technique is essential to prevent loose loop casting knots, given their wide diameter narrow height design. Despite its lightweight feel, the reel’s mechanics remain tight and smooth even after multiple battles against chunky catfish and big carp. The next step will be to test the 7440 in saltwater. Considering the price, this reel offers an incredibly smooth performance.

Gear Ratio

The low gear ratio of the Arbor enables it to smoothly and efficiently work the lure while retrieving slowly and effectively.


The ultra-light nature of the reel ensures that no fatigue is felt in the casting hand.

While this setup has successfully caught a few fish, I haven’t taken it on a fishing trip where lure casting is the main focus. Remarkably, there is no line bird nesting or backlash at all, which is surprising considering the conditions, as other reels tend to experience these issues.

Efficient Casting

The larger eye holes pair well with my ultra-light St. Croix rod. Making longer casts into the river is easier as there’s no need to fuss around with weights on the line. Casting becomes efficient and covers greater distances even with lighter lures when the reel and rod have large arbors.

Rubber Handle & Spool

The rubber ribs on the spool and handle significantly reduce hand slippage during retrievals, while the spool’s rubber ribs aid in holding onto the line during spooling. Similar to other Pfluegers, this one offers excellent value. An outstanding choice!

While the reel is good, it doesn’t quite match the quality of the two others I own. I appreciate that this one comes with two spools, and in my opinion, the braiding one is the better option. In terms of smoothness, this model falls short of the Presidential models, but for the money, it performs well.

Key Features

  • Ball Bearing
    It comes equipped with a total of 8 ball bearings.
  • Line Capacity
    The line capacity is 8 pounds of test/155 yards.
  • Gear Ratio
    The gear ratio is 4.3:1.
  • Large Arbor Spool
    Additionally, it features a large arbor spool that maximizes line control, and it comes with an aluminum spare spool.
  • Drag System
    The reel’s sealed carbon fiber drag system, it possesses a high degree of fish-fighting capability.
  • Graphite Rotor
    This lightweight aluminum spinning reel showcases an anodized aluminum spool, an aluminum rotor, and a lightweight graphite rotor that combines the strength of aluminum without the added weight.

Performance Rating


Value For Money

Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel Models

Model Number7430X7435X7440X7450X
Sizes6U610 – Box10 – Clam
Gear Ratio4.3:14.3:14.3:14.3:1
Capacity: Mono170/4, 120/6, 100/8185/6, 155/8, 125/10195/8, 150/10, 125/12270/10, 225/12, 180/14
Max Drag Lb10 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.25 lbs.
Capacity: Braid200/6, 160/8, 120/10250/8, 195/10, 125/15270/10, 250/15, 170/20420/10, 330/15, 240/20
Weight8.5 oz.8.8 oz11.2 oz12.1 oz

Technical Details

Item Weight‎0.88 Pounds
Part Number‎7435X
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎8 x 8 x 8 inches

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Size for all-around freshwater fishing

When using jigs, I focus on freshwater species like trout, white bass, wipers, walleye, and catfish using the 7430 equipped with 6# and 8# test microfiber main line.

It could be suitable to use the larger size 7435 with 10# line for lighter bait dunking or tossing cranks. My 7440 is loaded with 20# braid for heavier nearshore applications, although I haven’t had the chance to take it to the ocean yet.

Q. Would the 120/ yard 6 pounds be perfect for a Fenwick eagle 6’6 medium heavy rod? Or would I need a bigger size?

It would be more optimal to pair a medium rod with 6# line. Employing a Fenwick HMG 5’3″ medium-light rod with my Arbor, I opt for 8# Power Pro.

Q. Does this come with a spare spool?

There were two size 30s and one size 40, and each came with a spare aluminum spool without skirt holes.

Q. Is this the 7440 model? Similar to other reels 4000 size?

Yes, it seems like you are referring to the 7440 model. This size is comparable to other reels in the 4000 size category.

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