Pflueger Fly Reel


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Brand: Pflueger
Hand Orientation:Ambidextrous
Fishing Line Type:‎Fly
Item Weight:‎0.3 Pounds
Model Name:MON56X
Fishing Technique:Spinning
Handle Material:Aluminum
  • The overall look is lighter.
  • High-quality materials are used to make this product.
  • The system is easy to use and has a high support potential.
  • Little bit pricey.
  • The product is not water-resistant.

Pflueger Fly Reel

The Pflueger Monarch fly reel gives you confidence without breaking the bank. It’s affordable for beginners, and its lightweight die-cast aluminum makes it super tough. This reel is not only easy to use but also reliable, making it a great choice for any angler.


These beauties are classic and crafted from lightweight, durable die-cast aluminum. They’re extremely lightweight and come with a standard arbor for increased backing capacity.

Lightweight Design

The Monarch lightweight Pflueger fly reel is designed for easy handling, thanks to its lightweight build. Crafted from top-notch die-cast aluminum, it offers a balance of strength, flexibility, and bendability. Equipped with a standard arbor and a user-friendly high back spool, this reel is ideal for fly fishing enthusiasts.


This ensures smooth casting and action in both fresh and salt water, regardless of the weather and water conditions.

Drag System

The smoothed stacked disc drag mechanism enhances ease of use, and a precision click-check mechanism is integrated into the click and pawl. The polymer handle offers a non-slip grip and improved control.

Left/Right Retrieval

Pflueger Monarch Fly Reels offer both left-hand and right-hand retrieve options, accommodating nearly any angler. The Pflueger Monarch lightweight fly reels are suitable for both seasoned fishermen and beginners alike.

Line Weight

The regular-sized arbor contributes to their lightweight design, making them well-suited for pairing with lightweight rods. These reels are ideal for stream trout fishing, accommodating fly lines ranging from 2 to 4 weights, along with backings designed to capture small-sized trout.

Key Features

  • Die-cast aluminum
    Crafted for robustness and longevity, die-cast aluminum combines lightweight properties with strength.
  • Backing Capacity
    The arbor is standard, and the spool comes with ample backing capacity.
  • Click-check mechanism
    The precision click-check mechanism is exclusively featured in the Mon3/4 and Mon5/6 models.
  • Disc drag
    Smooth stacked disc drag is exclusively found in the Mon7/8 and MON56X models.

Performance Rating


Value For Money


Quality Of Material:

Pflueger Monarch Reel Models

Model NumberMON34XMON56XMON78X
Gear Ratio1.1:11.1:11.1:1
Fly Line CapacityWF4+75 (20lb dacron)WF6+80 (20lb dacron)WF8+160 (20lb dacron)
Max Drag Lb3LB | 1.4kg3LB | 1.4kg3LB | 1.4kg
Line Rating3/4wt5/6wt7/8wt

Technical details

Model Name‎MON34X
Item Weight‎0.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎4 x 4 x 3.25 inches
Suggested Users‎Unisex-adult
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing
Included Components‎WF4+75 (20lb Dacron) 3/4 3lb 3.6 oz

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best fly reel?

After extensive testing of over a hundred reels throughout the years, we highly recommend the Orvis Hydros as our top choice for a fly reel.

Q. What size fly reel is the best for trout?

The optimal fly reel size for trout is the 5-weight. This versatile size allows for effective landing of trout ranging from 2 to 20 pounds. Reels in the 1 to 3 weight range are suitable for smaller fish like brook trout, while those in the 5 to 6 weight range are well-suited for larger species like rainbow trout.

Among the various reel weights suitable for trout fishing, the 5-weight is widely regarded as the most versatile choice.

Q. Who makes the best fly reel on the market?

The Orvis Hydros stands out as a top choice for fly reels in the market, offering exceptional value, a reliable warranty, sturdy build quality, and versatile performance.

Q. How much should I spend on a fly reel?

In today’s market, there are plenty of commendable fly reels available at affordable prices. Reels priced around $50 are solid performers that can help you catch fish.

The sweet spot for the best value often lies in the range of $50 to $150. It’s advisable to avoid purchasing a fly reel for less than $30 to ensure a satisfactory performance and avoid potential disappointment.

Q. Can fly reels get wet?

Yep, be careful with your fly reel in saltwater—it can mess it up. Some fly reels are okay for saltwater, but others aren’t. If a freshwater reel gets wet with saltwater, it can ruin the drag system. For saltwater fishing, use gear made for it, and always wash your gear after using it in saltwater.

Q. How do you match a fly reel to a rod?

Along with rods and reels, they also use “Weight” as a way to classify them.

It’s a good idea to pair your reel’s weight with your rod’s weight. For example, if you’re using a 3-weight rod, go for a 3-weight reel. Keep in mind that there are a few exceptions to this guideline.

Q. Should the fly line come from the top or bottom of the reel?

Towards the bottom, remember to align the handle of your reel with the hand you use to reel, whether it’s left-handed or right-handed. This ensures the handle is always at the bottom of the reel for easy use.

Q. Can you put 100 yds of lead core line on this?

For the 3/4 or 5/6, the answer is no, unless you meant 100 feet. In the 5/6, I have approximately 100 yards of backing with 90 feet of WF 5wt floating fly line. I still have some space left, but it’s worth noting that the diameter of the lead core will likely be larger.

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