Pflueger Fly Rod


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Brand: Pflueger
Rod Length:8 Feet
  • Those are excellent fly rods and reels that will catch you trout and bass!
  • The starter kit is good.
  • Even though it’s perfectly adequate, the tapered leader is quite lightweight
  • Casting is challenging.

Pflueger Fly Rod

Fly fishing is super easy with the Pflueger Fly Fishing Kit. This set has all you need to catch trout, bass, and different types of fish. It comes with a great fly rod and a tough graphite reel for a successful fishing experience.


The three-piece rod is strong and has a gentle, forgiving action, making casting a simple and effortless task.

Drag System

You can rely on the graphite reel to last even after you’ve caught your fish. It’s sturdy and has a smooth drag system.


The kit includes a 4X leader and high-quality braided dacron backing, along with 25 yards of level fly line.

Key Features

  • Model
    Fly reel 1094
  • Leader
    The leader comes with a 4X taper.
  • Line Length
    Fly line included has a length of 25 yards.
  • Backing
    Backing is crafted from braided dacron.
  • Component Included
    The kit features a three-piece 8-foot fly rod with a 5/6 weight, equipped with a cork grip. The rod comes in three pieces for easy transport. The spool diameter is 2 5/8 inches, and the spool width is 25/32 inches. It can hold up to 7 fly lines.

Performance Rating


For Beginners:

Value For Money

pflueger fly fishing kit Technical Details

Sport Type‎Fishing
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing
Size‎One Size
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
Fishing Line Type‎Fly
Model Name‎PFYKIT2
Included Components‎5/6‎Fly Kit 8′
Handle Material‎Cork
Item Weight‎1 Pounds
Fishing Technique‎Spinning

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the reel metal or plastic?

Surprisingly, this plastic material offers considerable durability. The majority of the parts are plastic, with some metal components. However, the biggest drawback is the noise. The drag produces a sound louder than anything experienced with a sea rod, echoing like no other.

Q. What’s the size of the fly line on the reel?

Consider upgrading from the L6F (level six float) to the WF6F (weight forward) line for improved casting and shooting capabilities. The WF6F is recommended over the budget-friendly L6F for enhanced performance.

Q. How much line can it hold?

A reel with backing in the 5-6 wt range will provide more than enough capacity for your needs.

Q. Is the pflueger fly rod metal or plastic?

Fly rods are primarily made from graphite or carbon fiber for their lightweight, strong, and sensitive qualities, with graphite being the modern standard due to its versatility.

Fiberglass, once common, has given way to graphite’s dominance, while bamboo remains a niche choice for its classic look and unique casting feel.Each material imparts specific characteristics, influencing the rod’s weight, flexibility, and overall performance.

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