Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel


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Brand: Pflueger
Bearing Material: Aluminum
Hand Orientation:Left Hand, Right Hand
Model Name:MED34X
Fishing Line TypeFly
Handle Material:Aluminum
  • Fishing enthusiasts will love the lightweight and durable design of the unit.
  • Since the retrieve is convertible, it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people
  • It is possible to quickly release the spool for added convenience
  • In comparison with newer models, this one looks very similar to an older model.
  • There isn’t enough flexibility

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

This fly reel offers unbeatable value for your money. With a robust build and impressive craftsmanship, it shares numerous internal components with the pricier Hardy reel, making it a standout choice.

Reeling in freshwater fish becomes a breeze with a reliable drag and a palm-friendly rim on your reel. Despite owning several vintage Medalists from the 1940s and 1950s, Believe these modern reels surpass the old ones in performance.

Drag System

This reel is well-crafted and quite impressive. It’s not easy to come across click-drag reels in good condition, but this one stands out.

The spool is free of wobbles, and the tolerances are remarkably precise. Paired with a 7-1/2 feet glass rod, it achieves perfect balance. The 8-1/2 graphite option offers the same balance. The delightful sound of fish running brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

Sometimes, drag system has let down, had to open up to reset clicker. Not a huge problem, but happened more than once. Cleared out any grit and added some grease. Crossing fingers that keeps working well. Cool look and feels like strong and reliable reel.

Even with the subtle differences, the drag system is reliable. It doesn’t become sluggish too quickly.

Main issue is drag felt too gentle, allowing fish to pull line too fast, causing some backlash. Enjoyed the clicker, but reel had limited capacity for a lot of line. Whenever ran, found oneself cupping bottom of reel!

Click & Pawl

While this fly reel may seem like a modern take on a classic, it’s well-crafted and enjoyable to use. Click-and-pawl fly reels like this one will always have a special place in preferences.


Excited to reel in some trout on local river this weekend with reel. Really happy with how looks and quality. Satisfying click sound it makes adds to charm. Just delightful! Lines are securely in place. Considering price, reel is a good deal.

Key Features

  • Drag:
    Besides its timeless appearance, the click-drag also contributes to enhancing the reel’s traditional functionality. The Medalist’s click-check drag system is crafted using titanium.
  • Arbor Size:
    The use of this traditional arbor allows anglers to effortlessly add backing and running lines to the reel without the concern of overfilling. Crafted from bar-stock aluminum, the Medalist is both lightweight and durable.
  • Finish:
    To enhance its durability, the Medalist undergoes a deep anodization process after machining. In modern fly reels, anodizing adds a protective metal coating.

Performance Rating


Easy to use:

Quality Of Material:

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Models

Model NumberMED34XMED56XMED78X
Gear Ratio1.1:11.1:11.1:1
Fly Line CapacityWF3+75 (20LB DACRON)WF5+125 (20LB DACRON)WF7+250 (20LB DACRON)
Line Rating3/4WT5/6WT7/8WT
Max Drag Lb:0.5LB | 0.2KG0.5LB | 0.2KG0.5LB | 0.2KG
SeriesPflueger MedalistPflueger MedalistPflueger Medalist
Reel Spool MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum

Technical details

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎5.25 x 5.25 x 2.75 inches
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing
Included Components‎WF3+75 (20lb Dacron) 3/4 0.5lb 4.6 oz

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use this reel in salt water?

This reel is not cast; it’s made from machined aluminum, featuring stainless steel components. It’s suitable for use in saltwater, but it’s important to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

To keep the spindle in excellent condition, apply a small amount of grease known as “hot sauce” and lightly oil the pawls. This maintenance routine will help ensure optimal performance.

Q. Is the factory setting a right-hand retrieve right or is it left?

If your reel is configured for left-handed retrieval, a quick switch to right-hand retrieve is possible. Just reverse the two pawls that control the click mechanism. The accompanying instructions make this adjustment a breeze, taking less than 30 seconds to complete.

Q. Will my older spools work with these reels?

The new Medalists are not compatible with your old spare spools.

Q. Where is it made?

Pflueger Medalists, distinguished by their superb craftsmanship, proudly originate from China. These reels exemplify a commitment to quality manufacturing, making them an excellent choice for anglers seeking reliable and well-crafted fishing equipment.

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