Pflueger President 30


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Brand: Pflueger
Bearing Material:Stainless Steel
Hand Orientation:Ambidextrous
Fishing Technique:Spinning, Casting
Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • It’s durable, smooth, quiet, and easy to handle.
  • Casting is smooth and the drag system is fantastic, creating a great looking reel
  • There is very little weight to it
  • It does not have any cons.

Pflueger President 30

It’s still rocking as one of the best spinning reels around, and it won’t break the bank for top-notch performance.

Body & Rotor

With a mechanical mechanism housing 10 bearings, a graphite body, and a graphite rotor, the President ensures a smooth performance coupled with lightweight strength.


The drag pressure stays steady under pressure, thanks to a corrosion-resistant stainless steel drag and an oil-based felt drag. Effortless casting is facilitated by the slow oscillation gearing, enhancing line lay and minimizing twists in the line.

Handle & Backing

The bail wire, crafted from thick aluminum, remains rigid and resistant to bending. For enhanced grip in any conditions, a soft-touch rubber knob and an aircraft-grade aluminum handle are included. Additionally, the spools must be able to accommodate braided lines without the need for backing.

Key Features

  • Body & Rotor
    The reel is constructed from lightweight graphite, including the body and rotor. The spool is ready for braided lines, allowing you to tie the braid directly to it.
  • Ball Bearing
    A 10-bearing stainless steel ball system effectively prevents corrosion.
  • Drag System
    The carbon fiber drag system delivers powerful drag without compromising smoothness.

Performance Rating


Easy to use:

Value For Money

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel Models

Gear Ratio5.2:15.2:15.2:15.2:15.2:1
Line Recovery20.7″22.4″25.2″28.5″31.9″
Max Drag Lb6 lb8 lb10 lb12 lb14 lb
Ball Bearings6+19+19+19+19+1
Weight5.9 oz7.2 oz8.3 oz10.7 oz11.5 oz

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the Pflueger president be switched to a right-hand crank?

All Pflueger spinning reels come with a switch that allows you to switch them either way. To flip it, simply unscrew the nut on the opposite side. It’s straightforward and hassle-free.

Q. How does the Pflueger President 30 handle different fishing techniques?

The Pflueger President 30 is versatile and can handle a variety of fishing techniques. It is commonly used for techniques like casting, spinning, and trolling.

Q. What is the best rod to match this reel for crappie and bass?

A wide range of options is available. When it comes to rod brands, you’ll receive numerous answers as there are countless rods on the market. The power is medium-light, and the action is moderate-fast if you can find one. If not, a fast action rod will do just fine.

You can find it in sizes ranging from 6’2″ to 6’6″. You don’t necessarily need a rod for every technique or bait, especially if you’re not making thousands of dollars catching fish. However, if you’re looking for something that gets the job done, rods suitable for crappie and bass fishing are perfectly fine. 

Absolutely! If you catch more crappie, lean towards the medium-light, and if you catch more bass, stick with the medium. Just ensure your rod has good flex and a soft tip. With all the sales pitches, fishing can get confusing.

Choose a rod that feels comfortable in your hand and avoid going too cheap. Stick with well-known brands, like Lewis. Keeping it simple is the best approach. Remember the early years and try not to repeat the mistakes made.

Crappie and bass shouldn’t be targeted simultaneously. While luck may play a part, true excellence requires hard work. Identify your target fish for the day and plan accordingly. Time flies when you’re fishing, so constant switching won’t yield much.

Fishing in ponds is both easy and enjoyable. When you have a boat, the best approach is to cover a lot of water quickly during your first bite, finesse calmly until the bite stops, and then resume covering a lot of water fast afterward.

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