Pflueger President Combo


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Brand: Pflueger
Model Name:Pflueger President Spinning Combo
Fishing Technique:Spinning
  • A great value with smooth performance
  • IM-8 rod offers an exceptional level of responsiveness and sensitivity.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Sensitivity and lightweight construction with graphite blanks.
  • None.

Pflueger President Combo

The Pflueger President spinning combo is a good lightweight fishing set that’s been popular for a while. I’ve been interested in it for a few months, and during a Prime Day sale, I found a great deal and bought it. I’m really happy with my purchase. I got the 25x model on a 6’6″ light rod.

Smooth Drag

With this setup, I’ve reeled in smallmouth bass as big as 18 inches, along with panfish, catfish, drums, and even a small pike! Every time I hook something, it’s an equally thrilling battle.

This combo works really smoothly and spins crisply! I’ve set it up with a 6lb fluorocarbon leader connected to an 8lb PowerPro line. This setup is excellent for feeling the movements through the rod. I can sense a lot of action down there, and the hook sets are quick and sharp! It’s a fantastic combo, and I absolutely love using it!

Metal Pole Rod Guide

Overall, the combo was okay. Maybe I should have looked more closely at other model numbers, but the reel turned out to be smaller than I expected. The only pole guide without any synthetic inserts is the metal one.

Saltwater Fishing

I’ve taken this fishing rod out in saltwater twice, but haven’t caught any fish with it yet. There’s a tiny bit of rust on the guides. Despite that, the reel is good, and I’m happy with it.

The action is smooth and light, striking a great balance for those who prefer a lighter touch. It’s a fantastic combination!

Key Features

  • Rod Guides
    Guides crafted from stainless steel are robust, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting.
  • Ball Bearings
    10 ball bearings made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Braid-Ready
    You can tie the braid directly to the spool using the braid-ready design.
  • Aircraft Grade
    An ultra-durable handle made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Graphite Blanks
    Making I M8 graphite blanks involves using strong graphite and ensuring they are very sensitive even when they are not heavy.

Performance Rating


Value For Money


pflueger president spinning combo technical Details

Style‎25 Size Reel – 6’6″ – Light – 2pc
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎74.61 x 3.74 x 6.89 inches
Size‎25 – 6’6″ – Light – 2pc
Hand Orientation‎Ambidextrous
Fishing Line Type‎Monofilament
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing Rods & Combos

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it good for bass and trout fishing?

Yes, the Pflueger President combo is generally well-regarded for bass and trout fishing. Its lightweight design, smooth drag, and versatility make it suitable for various fishing conditions.

The combo’s sensitivity, often attributed to its graphite construction and high modulus blanks, can enhance the overall fishing experience. However, individual preferences may vary, so it’s always a good idea to consider specific needs and fishing conditions when choosing equipment.

Q. Pflueger fishing rod?

Actually, it’s a Pflueger rod that’s 6 feet 6 inches long with a medium action, specifically made for fishing lines weighing between 6 and 12 pounds.

Q. How long is the rod?

The length you choose for your rod determines its overall size. If you order a 6-foot rod, it will be approximately 6 feet long.

Q. What pound test line can you use on the light 6’6″ 2piece?

You can use a line test of either 6 or up to 10 pounds on this rod.

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