Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel


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Fishing Technique:All
Hand Orientation:Left Hand
Model Name:PRESINT
Bearing Material:Aluminum
Handle Material:Aluminum
  • The ice fishing rod is smooth and sturdy.
  • There’s no reeling up, and the spool moves freely forwards and backwards.
  • Best for all type of fishing species and for any depth.
  • It has magnetic spool brake make spooling easy.
  • Expensive as compared with other inline fishing reels.

Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel

Durability & Performance:

The Pflueger President Inline ice fishing reel is the favorite among ice fishing enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic product. Despite its small and simple design, it’s loaded with features like a locking mechanism and adjustable tension for easy spooling.

5: 1 Gear Ratio:

The newest feature of this reel is its 5:1 gear ratio, which pulls in 35 inches of line with each turn of the handle. This is especially important when fishing in shallow waters, as it retrieves the line faster compared to other inline reels.

Aluminum Spool & Frame

It comes with a spool lock for secure transport, a magnet-free spool brake for better presentation, an aluminum spool, easy left/right retrieval, a composite frame, a smooth carbon drag system, and no need to take apart the reel for baiting.

Ideal for lightweight rods, it also provides ample line capacity for deep-water fishing thanks to its 5:1 gear ratio. Whether targeting various species or fishing at different depths, it’s a versatile choice.

Key Features

  • 5+1 Ball Bearing
    Equipped with a 5+1 bearing system, these reels not only deliver a smooth performance on the ice but also effectively manage the line, reducing the occurrence of tangles both on and off the ice. This is attributed to the spool fender and spool lock features.
  • One-Hand Trigger System
    A one-handed trigger system with a free-spool mechanism ensures ease of operation and improved presentation. This reel incorporates a magnetic free-spool brake system along with a free-spool trigger system for one-handed operation.
  • Magnetic Brakes
    Enhanced drop control is achieved through magnetic brakes.
  • Aluminum Spool
    The spool is crafted from aluminum, providing durability comparable to lightweight composite materials.
  • Composite Material
    The frame is constructed from composite materials. The Pflueger® President® Inline Ice Reel enhances presentation and swiftly drops bait into strike zones.

Technical details

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎6.5 x 4 x 3 inches
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing
Sport Type‎Fishing
Skill Level‎All
Suggested Users‎Unisex-adult

Performance Rating

Easy to use:

Value For Money

Quality Of Material:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel handle line retrieval and what makes its 5:1 gear ratio significant?

The Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel is designed for efficient line retrieval, thanks to its 5:1 gear ratio. This feature not only ensures smooth operation but also provides anglers with a quick and effective means of managing their lines during various fishing scenarios.

Q. In what fishing environments does the Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel excel, particularly with its 5:1 gear ratio?

The Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel stands out in shallow water fishing, showcasing its prowess in quick and effective presentation, thanks to the 5:1 gear ratio. This makes it an ideal choice for anglers looking to navigate and capitalize on shallow water conditions.

Q. Can you elaborate on the braking system employed by the Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel and how it enhances control during operation?

The reel features a magnetic free-spool brake system, providing anglers with enhanced control during operation. This system ensures that the reel operates smoothly, minimizing the risk of backlash and allowing for precise bait placement, particularly when dealing with varying fishing conditions.

Q. What materials are predominantly used in the construction of the Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel’s spool and frame, and how does this contribute to its overall performance?

The spool is meticulously crafted from durable aluminum, while the frame incorporates lightweight composite materials. This combination not only ensures the longevity of the reel but also optimizes its overall performance. The aluminum spool adds durability, while the composite frame contributes to the reel’s lightweight design, making it easy to handle without compromising strength.

Q. Beyond its functionality, does the Pflueger President Inline Ice Reel offer any convenience features, such as secure transportation?

Absolutely, the reel is equipped with a spool lock, adding a layer of convenience for anglers during transportation and storage. This feature ensures that the spool remains securely in place, preventing any potential tangles or damage, and allowing for hassle-free handling both on and off the ice.

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