Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel


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Brand: Pflueger
Bearing Material:Stainless Steel
Hand Orientation:Ambidextrous
Item Weight:0.46 Pounds
Model Name:President
Fishing Technique:Spinning
Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • Operates smoothly on retrieval.
  • Casting is easy and precise.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be bought in combo with a rod.
  • Durable and dependable.
  • The line spools excellent.
  • Looks great and you get great value for the money.
  • Bail is a bit hard to flip, but this could get better with time and regular use of the reel.
  • Has to be lubed/greased a bit more frequently than some other reels.
  • Setting the drag somewhere in the middle can be tricky, but when you set it, it works.

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Take a closer look at the important parts of the President. If you’re new to the Pflueger President, you might be surprised by a couple of the things it includes.


The President spinning reel has a sleek appearance inspired by classic design elements. The spool features modern porting, and a sturdy bail enhances the reel’s elegance with a touch of robustness in its fine lines.

Applications & Series Sizes

Choose from five available models: 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. Your decision should be based on where you fish and your target catch. The 20 through 30 models are ideal for most inshore applications, while the 35 and 40 provide additional capacity for light surf fishing and handling slightly larger fish.

You can use it for fishing in both fresh and saltwater. However, it’s important for owners to note that regular maintenance is essential, especially if they use the reel frequently in saltwater conditions.

prefer the size 25 for engaging in sports bass fishing, and when it comes to casting metal slices at bluefish from the beach or breaking walls, the size 40 is my go-to choice.

10 Bearings & Lightwight Crank

The special thing is its belly packed with stainless steel bearings. There are a total of 10 bearings, with each set of 20 containing 7.

This is an impressive number for such an affordable spinning reel. Its lightness and smoothness are as you might expect with so many bearings. 

The handle and spool have some restricted movement right out of the box, but it’s not more than what you’d anticipate at this price. Regarding the long-lasting performance of the Pflueger President, it’s reasonable to assume that the bearings and gears might not be top-of-the-line quality.

Strength & Weight

The synthetic body and rotor help keep the weight low and provide extra protection against external corrosion.

If you use the reel as it’s supposed to be used, it’s tough enough. But if you push it too hard, it might bend, which could mess up the inside parts.

Spool and Drag Capacities

The Pflueger President delivers excellent performance for various fishing scenarios, with its spool and drag capacities more than sufficient.

II’d use braid for optimal spooling since the spool is ready for it. The 40 model can handle 200 yards of 20-pound braid. With a strong 14-pound drag, you’ll be able to tackle sizable drum or stripe that you might not have thought possible.


Luckily, we’re seeing more spinning reels at this price with basic sealing. The Pflueger President, with its sealed drag, is something I consider essential for any reel using an oil-felt drag system.

It’s a reel that you should keep dry. Water getting inside is probable, and if not cleaned and maintained after each use, it can lead to issues appearing sooner than later.

Speed & Gears

All reels in the series have a gear ratio of 5.2, which falls on the slower side. While some anglers in this market might not be bothered by this, I personally find it a bit slow for my liking. However, having a more versatile speed would benefit the reel.

Key Features

  • Durability:
    A robust spinning fishing reel perfect for both experienced anglers and casual hobbyists.
  • 7 Bearings
    A 7-bearing system featuring 6 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing.
  • Aluminum Handle:
    The reel boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum handle, thick aluminum bail wire, and graphite body and rotor, ensuring exceptional durability and rigidity.
  • Oscillation:
    The slow oscillation gearing enhances line lay and minimizes line twist for improved performance.

Performance Rating



Value For Money


Quality Of Material:

Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel Models

Sizes6U610 – Box10 – Clam
Gear Ratio3.4:13.4:13.8:13.8:1
Capacity: Mono90 yds/6lb90 yds/6lb75 yds/10lb75 yds/10lb
Max Drag Lb661010
Weight9 oz8.6 oz11.2 oz11.2 oz

Technical details

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing Rods & Combos
Included Components‎Fishing reel
Sport Type‎Fishing


Finding a reel suitable for saltwater within the same price range can be a challenge. Securing sealed bearings and carbon drag systems for saltwater conditions adds to the difficulty.

For saltwater fishing, I recommend investing an additional $25-$30 and upgrading to the Pflueger Purist if you prefer sticking with the Pflueger brand. With its sealed carbon drag system, I anticipate it will outlast most other drag systems.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Are Pflueger President Reels Made?

Pflueger reels are produced in China. However, it’s essential to note that this fact alone doesn’t categorize them into the assumed low-quality category.

Absolutely, regardless of where they’re made, reels should be judged based on their quality and performance, rather than their place of origin.

Q. Can the Pflueger president be switched to a right-hand crank?

Yes, you can change the Pflueger President reel to have the handle on the right side if that’s more comfortable for you. It’s designed to be switched for both left and right-handed use.

Q. Can the line capacity use a 60 lbs line?

People might choose a 60 lb braid on a spinning reel because some use spinning reels for bottom fishing. The thick braid isn’t for the fish, but for the bottom itself.

Using a 60lb braid and 50 or 60lb mono leaders helps you retrieve some of your rigs and weights after getting snagged at the bottom. If you use lighter line, you might end up having to buy more gear. For this type of fishing, it’s recommended to use at least a 4000-sized reel or larger.

Q. What size is best for fishing trout with 2-4 pound monofilament line?

A small tackle is marked as 20, and a bit bigger one is 25. I hooked a 3-pound smallmouth using the size 20 gear with a 6-pound test line – super fun! Trout fishing needs patience. I go for braided line because it doesn’t tangle much. The reel doesn’t unwind easily. So, it’s important to pick the right reel and line size for trout fishing.

Q. Which Pflueger spinning reel holds at least 20lb test line?

For a 20 lb test, the PRESSP40X should have sufficient spool space for braided line. If you’re using a 20 lb test, monofilament might not give you enough capacity unless you’re fishing in particular situations.

Q. Is this reel made in the USA and can it be used for saltwater fishing?

This product, made in China, is not recommended for use in saltwater. While I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, it feels smooth, seems good, and looks nice.

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