Pflueger Summit 1993L


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Modified Item:No
Custom Bundle:No
Fishing Type: Freshwater Fishing
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • The item is in good condition.
  • A nickel silver chrome plating is used.
  • Suitable for freshwater fishing.
  • The spool is made of lightweight aluminum.
  • A great vintage reel.
  • Nothing to report.

Pflueger Summit 1993L

In the 1900s, people thought the Summit fishing reel was really special. It was part of a trio of famous reels made by a company called Enterprise Manufacturing Co. The other two were called Akron and Supreme. By the end of 1926, they updated the Summit to make it look more modern, even though it was first introduced in a catalog back in 1904.


The Pflueger 1993-L, crafted with a lightweight aluminum spool, made its debut in 1935, as shared by Pflueger historian Bob Miller. This model hails from the 1950s, and nowadays, you can find it at reasonable prices ranging from $50 to $75. It stands as a true American classic among fishing reels.

Half Nut Cover

The extra screw you find in this spot doesn’t play a mechanical role when you’re taking apart the reel. Instead, it’s a backup screw for the line guide. If the screw holding the metal plate that keeps the Pawl in position ever goes missing, you can use this spare screw as a replacement. Pflueger refers to it as a “Half Nut Cover.”

Reel Inspection

The date you see stamped on the bottom of many Pflueger reel boxes marks the time when the reel underwent a final inspection before being sent out. This detail is really helpful for understanding Pflueger reels. By examining a bunch of these boxes, you can start to figure out when specific modifications or updates were implemented.

Based on the inspection dates found on reel boxes, it appears that various Pflueger freshwater bait casters, such as the Akron, the Summit, and the Nobby, underwent inspection around the year 1940.

Key Features

  • Gear Ratio
    With 225 yards of 12-pound line and a 4:1 ratio.
  • Spool
    Summit 1993L light spool is a nickel silver chrome-plated reel equipped with adjustable tension oil caps.
  • Weight
    Reel weighs 7 3/4 ounces with its plastic arbor.
  • Half Nut
    The reel cap features an extra half-nut in its receptacle.

Performance Rating


Quality Of Material:

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