Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel


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Brand: Pflueger
Bearing Material: Aluminum
Hand Orientation:Ambidextrous
Item Weight:0.04 Kilograms
Model Name:SUPSP25X
Fishing Technique:Spinning
Handle Material:Aluminum
  • The reel is super lightweight and awesome for fishing.
  • A really great reel. The color scheme on this reel is so bright and fresh, it works really well.
  • At this price, it’s a great reel.
  • Nothing to report

Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel

It’s super smooth and dependable. Got one, and tested both Daiwa and Shimano. For sure a fantastic reel.

Been using Pflueger for years. Tested various reels, but always stick with them. Hands down the best thing ever bought. Recently, got another Supreme model.

Got a couple of Presidents that enjoy, but this one is noticeably better and way smoother. Bought specifically because the older model still had an anti-reverse switch. Casts and retrieves beautifully with 100% fluorocarbon.

Smooth Retrieve 

Rod incredibly smooth when reeling in a crappie jig. Mainly use for fishing crappie around docks. Curious to see how it handles larger fish weighing 5 pounds or more. One downside, handle positioned too close to spool, means don’t get much leverage when cranking it.

Drag System

Love fly fishing at Pflueger, especially for light and ultralight fishing. Drag system is top-notch. When in the Gulf, targeting reds and jacks alongside spring trout, this reel handles the bigger fish with ease.

Moreover, these compact reels perform admirably when casting for freshwater Bream, often landing bass, catfish, and carp. If you’re considering using them in saltwater, investing a bit more for the Supreme model is worthwhile.


Like some of the more budget-friendly Pflueger reels. While may not match the quality of pricier ones, incredibly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, reliably performing when needed the most.

Nothing more frustrating than reel failing mid-trip, and that’s where Pflueger reels really prove their worth. Want to extend gratitude to all hardworking folks at Pflueger plant for dedication and efforts!

Key Features

  • 10 Ball Bearing
    The system includes a total of 10 bearings.
  • Magnesium Frame
    The frame is crafted from magnesium.
  • Braid Ready
    A machined aluminum spool designed for use with braided line.
  • Sealed Bearing
    It comes equipped with a sealed bearing drag for smooth operation. The magnesium frame and carbon rotor make it incredibly lightweight yet robust. The machined aluminum gear is ready for braided line, and the sealed drag ensures reliable performance in any freshwater fishing scenario.
  • Aluminum Handle
    The handle is constructed from aluminum.

Performance Rating


Easy to use:

Value For Money


Pflueger Supreme® Spinning Reel Models

Gear Ratio5.2:15.2:15.2:15.2:1
Braid Capacity M/MM180/0.16 130/0.19 100/0.22250/0.19 175/0.22 145/0.22200/0.23255/0.28
Max Drag Lb8LB | 3.6KG10LB | 4.5KG12LB | 5.4KG15LB | 6.8KG
Mono Capacity M/MM200/0.13 100/0.20 85/0.23235/0.20 135/0.23 120/0.25210/0.23 170/0.25 140/0.28260/0.25 210/0.28 180/0.33
Weight6.4 oz6.9 oz8.2 oz8.8 oz

Technical details

Line Weight‎220/2 110/4 90/6
Sport Type‎Fishing
Manufacturer‎Pure Fishing
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎4.53 x 6.3 x 2.36 inches
Included Components‎Reel
Skill Level‎All

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Pflueger a good brand?

There’s no denying their reputation for crafting high-quality gear. While often viewed as a budget brand, their products are consistently durable.

Q. What is the best size for bass fishing?

The Pflueger Supreme offers four models: SP25X, SP30X, SP35X, and SP40X. For bass fishing, either the SP35X or SP30X would be suitable choices. Both of these options will get the job done.

The SP35X has a higher weight limit, making it capable of handling heavier fish. However, for bass fishing, many hobbyists prefer the SP30X due to its lighter weight compared to other models. Despite being lighter, it still offers sufficient power and drag for bass fishing needs.

Q. How many ball bearings should a reel have?

Determining an exact number can be challenging, as it depends on various factors. When selecting ball bearings for a spinning reel, it’s crucial to consider the material they are made of, along with the shaping and cutting methods employed in their production.

It’s strongly advised to go for a reel with at least six ball bearings to ensure smooth casting and retrieval.

Q. Is the Pflueger Supreme rated for saltwater use?

Saltwater reels are offered in the Supreme line. After using your reel in saltwater or brackish conditions, it’s essential to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.

When utilized in saltwater or its vicinity, magnesium is more susceptible to corrosion.

Q. Is this the model supsp35x?

It would be fantastic to give this one a try. It’s designed to accommodate line weights and lengths up to 35, which is why I opted for the “35” model.

Q. Is this a good reel for large and smallmouth bass? I need a reel for a medium action 7′ ft rod and want to use 15 to 20-lb line.

I use it to catch all freshwater fish. For the majority of my fishing, the 40 seems like overkill. A 30-series reel is well-suited for heavy lines and works great for freshwater applications.

The heaviest mono I use in my fishing spot is 8 pounds, and the maximum braid is 15, although it doesn’t make much difference. I find it to be a sturdy reel, especially considering its price, and it’s impressively smooth and reliable. Cleaning and maintaining it is also a breeze.

Q. What size line can you put on this reel?

The mono capacity for this reel is 255 yards at 4 pounds, 145 yards at 6 pounds, and 130 yards at 8 pounds.

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