What Is The Best Rod To Match Pflueger President Reel For Crappie And Bass?

When you’re out fishing for crappie and bass, having the right gear can make a big difference. The Pflueger President reel is great for its smooth operation, but it needs a good partner in crime – a fishing rod that works well with it.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to pick the best rod to go with your Pflueger President reel for catching crappie and bass. Finding the right balance between your reel and rod is super important for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

So, let’s dive into what you need to know to make that happen!

What is the best rod to match Pflueger President reel for crappie and bass?

Having lots of choices is really nice. When it comes to picking a rod brand, you’ll hear all sorts of opinions. That’s because there are so many different rods out there, and people tend to suggest the ones they know well.

I prefer a rod with medium-light power and a moderate-fast action if available. However, if that’s not an option, a fast action will do. Aim for a length between 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 6 inches.

You don’t have to aim for perfection if you’re not catching fish or making big money. In that case, you don’t necessarily need a rod that suits every bait and technique.

If you’re simply after a rod that gets the job done for crappie and bass, that’s awesome. For more crappie, go for medium-light, and for more bass, go for medium. Just ensure that the medium option has a good amount of flex and softness in the tip.

Fishing can get confusing with all the sales pitches out there. When it comes to buying a rod, it’s best not to go too cheap. Look for one that feels comfortable in your hand.

Stick with brands you know. For good value, go for Lews. Keep it simple. Learn from my mistake when I started – don’t try to catch bass and crappie in one day. It might work, but it’s better to focus and become really good at one thing. Also, think about the reel size for bass and crappie fishing.

Focus on one type of fish each day. Time flies when you’re fishing, so switch until you stop catching. Pond fishing is easy and fun. After a bite, cover a lot of water quickly until the bites slow down, then finesse it until it stops.

What is the best size rod for crappie?

The best size rod for crappie fishing is typically between 5 to 7 feet in length. A popular choice is a rod around 6 to 7 feet long, as it offers a good balance of casting distance and control.

Additionally, a rod with light to ultra-light power and a fast to moderate action is ideal for detecting the subtle bites of crappie and ensuring a good hook set.

Why do people use long rods for crappie?

People often use long rods for crappie fishing for several reasons:

  • Casting Distance: Longer rods provide better casting distance. When crappie are located in deeper water or suspended in open areas, being able to cast to a specific spot can be crucial.
  • Control and Maneuverability: Despite their length, many crappie rods are designed to be very light and sensitive. This allows anglers to have better control over the placement of their bait and more easily navigate around structures where crappie might be hiding.
  • Line Management: Longer rods help in managing fishing lines more effectively. This is particularly important when using techniques like spider rigging, where multiple lines are used simultaneously.
  • Hook Setting: The length of the rod allows for a better hook set, especially when crappie are biting lightly. The extra length gives anglers more leverage to set the hook and reel in the fish.
  • Vertical Jigging: Long rods are beneficial for vertical jigging, a popular crappie fishing technique. The length allows for a more controlled presentation of jigs or baits in deeper water.


In the end, when choosing a fishing rod for your Pflueger President reel for crappie and bass, aim for a balance in power, action, and length. A medium-light or medium rod around 6’2″ to 6’6″ is good, and stick to brands you know, like Lews, for comfort and reliability.

Don’t stress about perfection; focus on a rod that suits your needs. Practical tips, like avoiding super cheap rods and concentrating on one fish type each day, make fishing more fun. Consider things like reel size too, and you’ll have a better time catching fish.

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