What Is The Braking On a Pflueger Patriarch Mean?

The braking system on a Pflueger Patriarch fishing reel is like a special tool that helps you cast your line smoothly. Pflueger, a well-known fishing brand, made sure this tool is easy to use and helps prevent tangles in your fishing line.

They added smart features, like magnets and spinning brakes, to make sure you have control when you cast. So, when you’re using a Pflueger Patriarch, it’s like having a helping hand to make your fishing experience better.

Let’s take a closer look at how this braking system works and why it’s useful.

what is the braking on a pflueger patriarch?

The Pflueger Patriarch LP Baitcasting Reel is strong because its aluminum sides have a tough titanium coating. This makes the frame sturdy. You can choose between two speeds: 6.4:1 and 7.1:1. Both options have 10 strong stainless steel balls and one roller ball, all double protected.

The Patriarch also benefits from the Ultimate Brake System, similar to the Supreme. It utilizes a cast control system that combines both centrifugal and magnetic features, offering the best of both methods. As an extra perk, this top-notch reel includes a sturdy neoprene cover, making it convenient to carry and protect when not in use.

It’s famous because of its braking system. That’s why it’s important to learn how it works and what they use for it. The information below will help you understand what braking on a Pflueger Patriarch really means.

To minimize tangles, Pflueger recommends using their ‘Ultimate Brake System,’ which includes a six-pin centrifugal brake and magnetic cast control arms. I find adjusting or disengaging the six-pin centrifugal brakes to be straightforward and convenient. There’s minimal worry about them slipping during adjustments because they’re quite secure.

braking on a pflueger patriarch

Once the centrifugal brakes kick in, the magnetic brakes step in to control the cast. The centrifugal brakes ensure a smooth cast. I’ve noticed that the magnetic brakes are designed for external adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune the stopping power.

This feature comes in handy when using lures of different weights or when dealing with changes in the wind, giving you better control and adaptability.

You can easily choose from ten settings using the magnetic control dial. Additionally, the reel is equipped with a user-friendly, anti-slip back tension adjustment that provides an audible click for precise fine-tuning.

I’m confident that the reel’s ongoing success is thanks to its high-quality components. The aluminum side plates, along with the aluminum frame, make the reel solid and free from flex. The zero-back play in the handle ensures precise retrieves and hooksets every time.


In summary, the Pflueger Patriarch reel is great because it has a good braking system that makes fishing easier and avoids tangles. It has useful features like magnets and spinning brakes, and you can choose different speeds. The Ultimate Brake System with its special brakes ensures a smooth cast and is easy to adjust.

The reel is easy for everyone to use with its user-friendly features like a dial for different settings and an adjustment for better control. Its success comes from being well-made, with strong parts like titanium-coated sides, making it reliable for accurate fishing.

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