What Size Pflueger President For Walleye?

Looking for some Pflueger presidents that are the right size for walleye, jigging, or trolling? The first thing we need to do is review some walleye basics.

For amateurs as well as experienced anglers, wetting the line for a walleye is an exhilarating experience. Additionally to its tender and flavorful meat, the walleye garners respect from anglers because of its elusiveness.

Aside from having the right gear when hunting this freshwater fish, whether you are an amateur or an experienced angler looking to expand your horizons, having a good understanding of your equipment is vital.

A walleye is both a tasty and challenging freshwater fish, presenting a challenge to even the most experienced angler.

What Size Pflueger President For Walleye?

If you are looking to catch walleye, a good spinning rig is probably going to be the most versatile setup, so this is very handy. Depending on the type of fishing you do, you may be able to use slip-sinker rigging, blade baits, spinners, and jigs.

With an extra spool, a spinning reel can also be used as a jigging reel, as long as it is between 2000 and 2500 sizes. It is also possible to cast smaller crankbaits with spinning gear to catch walleye!

Many seasoned Walleye anglers and their guides suggest that this Spinning Reel is the best choice for their fishing gear. Size 35 (3500) spinning reels are the best all-around choice.

A reel of this size allows you to experiment with soft plastics, jigs, and lures of various types. Additionally, you can fish deeper waters and have more space to fight when you need it.

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