What Size Reel For Bass Fishing?

With so many options in fishing gear, there are literally hundreds of possibilities, so there are a lot of questions about what lures to choose which weights work best with what rigs, as well as what rod strength and action combination to use for specific situations, such as crimping split shot or using specific pliers.

Considering spinning reels are very versatile and are popular with players of all skill levels, it’s not surprising that reel size comes up a lot.

What size reel for bass fishing? The answer to that question can be looked at from multiple perspectives.

Our first step is to cover some basics and explain what a reel’s size means, followed by some suggestions to choose a reel that fits you best.

What Size Reel For Bass Fishing?

The best size reel for bass fishing is something in the 3000 range, although you can use anything up to a 5000 size reel. Spinning reels of this size are commonly used for fishing bass, but they are also useful for targeting walleye, salmon, and saltwater fish such as snook or redfish.

In what Way Does a 3000 Size Reel Work?

In most spinning reel brands, you will find a number between 1000 and 10,000 indicating the reel’s size and ability. There are some who prefer using 20, 30, 40, etc. 

A smaller number indicates less load is supported by the reel and vice versa. In order to tie on a large grouper or snapper with a 3000-size spinning reel, you will need a bigger reel. 

Alternatively, a surf fishing reel of 9 or 9,000 sizes would be too large for casting lures to bass.

Are 3000 Spinning Reel Good For Bass Fishing?

I’m not rich enough to spend lots of money on fishing equipment! Due to the limitations of my budget, I don’t have the money to buy ten different types of fishing reels. That’s why I like the 3000-size spinning reel. 

Fishing with this size will allow you to target smaller panfish like bream, and you will also be able to catch smaller inshore species like trout, snook, and redfish.

What Is The Line Capacity of a 30 / 3000 Spinning Reel For Bass Fishing?

One of the good things about bass is that they rarely run long like other species of game fish. The line on a 3000 spinning reel would be sufficient for bass of any size, even if they did.

Power Pro Spectra braided line is the braided line I like to use for bass fishing on my reels. As a result, it can be used in a variety of ways and is extremely strong. Whether I’m using it in saltwater or freshwater, it’s fantastic.

What Other Size Of Spinning Reels Can Be Used For Bass?

1000 Size Reels 

If you’re fishing for bass, you should use a 1000-size reel, which is the smallest and lightest reel available. 

1000s reels are ideal for freshwater fish of smaller sizes. In addition, the spool is narrower and smaller, which can result in tangling problems. 

Retrieving your line may also be challenging. The use of a reel of this size has some significant advantages, however. Your control will increase as you lose weight, and your sensitivity will increase as well. 

In addition, your wrist is less strained. However, you won’t be able to store as much line and you won’t be able to go after larger fish. 

Using a smaller reel also means the line will be easier to tangle, and you can’t retrieve as quickly as you could with a larger one.

2000 Size Reels

Compared to a 1000-size reel, a 2000-size reel produces similar results. In short, it’s a great option for those who value versatility and do not want to strain their wrists. 

Using a reel of this size, however, has the disadvantage of not reeling in quite as fast as a reel of 2500 size. For best results, you should use a rod approximately six to seven and a half feet long.

2500 Size Reels

In terms of fishing for bass, a reel in the 2500 size is really reaching its sweet spot. Because of its versatility, this reel is one of the most popular. 

There is space for a wide line spool, which won’t tangle and extends exactly how far you need it to. It’s not so large that it’s cumbersome but large enough to do what you need with no problem. 

Bass fishing is best done with 2500, ideally with braided lines weighing 5 to 12 pounds.

3500 Size Reels

When fishing for bass in large bodies of water, such as lakes, anglers will benefit from a reel with a 3500 size. 

If you spend most of your day trolling, this rod can support a rod up to ten feet long.

Casting further and reeling in faster will be possible. When you use a wider spool, the braided line won’t tangle and it will be easy to remove.

If you have small hands, you might have difficulty holding this reel because it is so large. After a long day on the water, it might feel bulky and too large.

In addition to 3500, there are other sizes available, but I wouldn’t recommend them for bass. Reels larger than 5,000 and 4,000 are overkill they should be used for going after large saltwater gamefish.


Among anglers of all backgrounds and skill levels, spinning reels are among the most commonly used types of fishing reels.  In the past, baitcasting reels were the reels of choice for bass anglers, but not anymore.

The spinning reel has become the preferred method of fishing. Furthermore, they’re easy to use, particularly for beginners, and they’re versatile enough to catch any variety of fish in addition to bass.

There is no rule for which size reel is best for bass fishing, but I would recommend a reel in the 3000 sizes.  This reel offers all the power you need plus the versatility of using it on other kinds of fish to make all your fishing gear more powerful and versatile.

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