Where Are Pflueger Reels Made?

Have you ever wondered where Pflueger reels, those reliable companions of anglers everywhere, are made? For generations, Pflueger has been crafting fishing gear that enthusiasts trust and rely on.

However, the story of where these reels are manufactured holds its own tale of evolution and adaptation.

Join us as we delve into the journey of Pflueger reel production, exploring the shifts and changes that have shaped the brand’s manufacturing landscape over time.

Are Pflueger Fishing Reels Made in the US?

In the past, Pflueger reels were typically made in the US. However, during the 1990s, due to increasing production expenses and the globalization trend, the company had to move its manufacturing operations overseas to China.

Pflueger is a proudly American company that has been around for over 100 years. Since its founding, it has enjoyed great success and gained a strong reputation among anglers in North America.

Moving production to China has not tarnished the company’s image or product quality. China, Korea, and Taiwan are known as low-cost manufacturing hubs, and some people actually believe that products made there are of higher quality.

In many instances, companies can uphold the same quality standards in their outsourced production by closely monitoring the manufacturing process and allocating sufficient economic resources for success.

Indeed, Pflueger fishing reels exemplify this approach! By blending offshore production with ongoing innovation, unwavering quality, and meticulous attention to detail, Pflueger has risen as one of the foremost fishing tackle manufacturers globally.

History of Pflueger Reels

The company has been in business since 1881 when Ernest F. Pflueger started manufacturing fishing hooks. Enterprise Manufacturing Company was the original name of the company that eventually became Pflueger.

The company traces its roots back to 1881 when Ernest F. Pflueger began crafting fishing hooks. Originally known as the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, it eventually evolved into the renowned brand now known as Pflueger.

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The Pflueger family business experienced significant and successful transformations when Ernest A. Pflueger assumed control of his father’s business in the early 1900s. Ernest made the strategic decision to transition the Enterprise Manufacturing Company from a specialized hook and lures company into a manufacturer of fishing tackle. 

Ernest F. Pflueger

As a further step toward shaping the brand we recognize today, he altered the company’s name to reflect the shift in business focus. The company was renamed E.A. Company Pflueger to signify this change in direction.

Pflueger reels have quickly risen to prominence, becoming among the world’s most sought-after fishing reel brands since their introduction in the 1900s.

When Was the First Pflueger Reel Made?

In 1916, Pflueger made a significant milestone by introducing their first spinning reel, the Pflueger Supreme Baitcaster.

Pflueger’s original factory in Akron, Ohio, was responsible for producing the Supreme Baitcaster. This reel gained significant success during its time. With baitcasting reels being quite common back then, the company focused its efforts on this type of reel, resulting in the launch of several other equally prosperous models.

The Supreme spinning reel series marked Pflueger’s initial foray into spinning reels after years of success in producing baitcasting reels.

What Company Owns Pflueger?

Since 2004, Pflueger has been owned by Pure Fishing. Pure Fishing also oversees other well-known brands such as Abu Garcia, Penn, Berkley, Chub, and several others, making it a significant presence in the fishing industry.

Despite Pflueger’s founding in 1881, it’s not the oldest reel manufacturer under Pure Fishing’s ownership. The honor goes to the Hardy Brothers, established in 1874. While Pure Fishing oversees all these brands, each one maintains its independence under the company’s umbrella.

Pure Fishing is rapidly expanding its portfolio by acquiring various fishing brands, positioning itself as the premier manufacturer of fishing equipment. With this growth, it has already emerged as the largest provider of fishing tackle globally.

It’s highly probable that Pure Fishing will continue to be a dominant force in the fishing industry for the foreseeable future, especially with the inclusion of renowned brands like Penn reels and Abu Garcia reels under its umbrella.


In summary, Pflueger reels have a long history of changing and adapting to the needs of anglers. Although they used to be made in the US, they’re now made in China.

But don’t worry, the quality is still top-notch. Owned by Pure Fishing, Pflueger reels remain popular and reliable, making them a favorite among fishermen everywhere.

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