Who Makes Pflueger Reels?

Meet Pflueger Reels, your go-to for awesome fishing gear! Picture this: a brand that’s been rocking the fishing scene since way back in the 1800s.

Pflueger is all about making reels that are super good at catching fish and also super cool. These reels are like a mix of old-school vibes and the latest tech stuff, making them perfect for everyone who loves casting a line into the water.

Pflueger reels are like the superheroes of fishing gear. They’re strong, reliable, and have this cool mix of classic style and new-school tricks.

So, if you’re into fishing and want gear that’s top-notch, Pflueger is where it’s at! Let’s dive into the world of Pflueger Reels – where fishing dreams come true!

Who Makes Pflueger Reels?

Alnwick, England-based Hardy Brothers was founded in 1874.The Enterprise Manufacturing Company was founded in 1880 by Earnest A. Pflueger in Akron, OH to manufacture fishing tackle.
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When Was Pflueger Founded?

In 1881, a man named Ernest F. Pflueger started a small company called the Enterprise Manufacturing Company. This little business made fishing hooks, and that’s where the Pflueger story started.

Pflueger lures hit it big when they got a patent in 1883 for using phosphoric paint on fishing lures. Ernest A., Pflueger’s son, took charge of the company in the early 1900s. Under his leadership, the company grew from making hooks and lures to being a full-fledged fishing tackle manufacturer.

When Was Pflueger Founded

The company’s name got a tweak too, changing from E.A to Pflueger Company. In 1902, Ernest A. patented his initial two designs for bait caster reels, and shortly after, the first Pflueger reel hit the American fishing scene.

Is Pflueger and Abu Garcia the same company?

Pflueger and Abu Garcia are not the same company, but they both make fishing stuff. Pflueger has been around for a really long time, since the late 1800s, and is known for its well-made fishing reels and gear. People like Pflueger for its mix of old-style quality and new cool ideas in their products.

On the other hand, Abu Garcia is another big name in fishing gear. They’re famous for making top-notch fishing reels, rods, and other stuff. Abu Garcia is all about using the latest tech to meet the needs of today’s anglers. Even though both Pflueger and Abu Garcia are popular in the fishing world, they are different companies, each doing their own thing with their unique gear.


In the end, Pflueger Reels has been around since the 1800s, starting small but growing into a big name for fishing gear. They changed from making hooks to a full tackle company, led by Ernest A. Pflueger. Innovations like phosphoric paint on lures and their first reel in 1902 marked key moments.

The brand mixes old and new styles, and the name changed to Pflueger Company in 1902. They’re not the same as Abu Garcia, another big fishing gear brand. Pflueger is known for its history, and Abu Garcia is famous for using cool new tech. Both do their own thing in the fishing gear world. Today, Pflueger Reels is a trusted choice for anglers everywhere.

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