Who Owns Pflueger?

Pflueger is a well-known name in fishing gear. It’s like a trusted friend for anglers everywhere. Who’s taking care of this friend? It’s Pure Fishing, Inc., a big player in the fishing world. They’re part of an even bigger family called Newell Brands.

Pflueger keeps making good fishing stuff under Pure Fishing’s watch. This shows they’re committed to giving anglers cool gear. Just keep in mind that who’s in charge might change.

Who Owns Pflueger?

Since 2004, Pure Fishing has owned Pflueger. Pure Fishing doesn’t just stop there – they’re also in charge of other fishing companies like Abu Garcia, Penn, Berkley, Chub, and more. It’s like they’re the head of a bunch of cool fishing teams!

It is the boss of several reel makers, and one of them is Pflueger, a company with a history that goes all the way back to 1881. Another cool brand owned by Pure Fishing is Hardy Brothers, which has been part of the fishing scene since 1874, making it one of the oldest companies in the fishing world.

who owns pflueger

Even though they work independently, all Pure Fishing brands are part of one company.

It is quickly becoming a major player in the fishing industry by acquiring more brands. As the largest supplier of fishing tackle globally, it already holds this prestigious title.

Pure Fishing is poised to remain a prominent name in the fishing world for years to come, especially now that they have control over Penn reels, Abu Garcia reels, and a diverse range of fishing equipment.

Is Pfleuger a Good Brand of Fishing Reels

A Pflueger fishing reel stands out as one of the best available. Most anglers are satisfied with their Pflueger reel purchase, and a large majority use them exclusively.

Pflueger has established itself as one of the most respected fishing reel brands due to the ease of finding reviews on the internet.

Some anglers may not favor the company anymore because it has decided to shift its manufacturing from the United States to Chinese factories. This move is aimed at achieving cost-effectiveness in producing their fishing reels.

Pflueger fishing reels are renowned for their top-notch quality, smooth operation, and reliability. This reputation instills confidence that a fishing reel produced outside the United States will maintain the same level of quality as one manufactured domestically.


In summary, Pflueger has been owned by Pure Fishing since 2004, and it’s a well-loved name in fishing gear. Even though they now make their stuff in Chinese factories, Pflueger still creates good-quality fishing reels that many anglers really like.

With Pure Fishing being the biggest fishing gear supplier globally, Pflueger stays important in the fishing world. Despite changes in where they make their reels, Pflueger remains a popular and trusted choice for anglers everywhere.

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